Sokenbicha was launched in 1993 with a unique concept: to be a "sugar-free tea that offers refreshment, health and beauty". Its crisp and clear fragrance has made this product a well-established customer favorite among sugar-free tea beverages.

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Ingredients, nutritional properties, other

Ingredients Pearl barley, brown rice (2% sprouted brown rice), barley, chameleon plant, coffee senna, chicory, evening primrose, roasted corn, young barley leaves, ashitaba, hardy rubber tree leaves, mugwort, quinoa, dandelion root, foxtail millet, common millet, barnyard millet, adzuki beans, aloe arborescens leaves, shiso leaves, Japanese persimmon leaves, loquat leaves, mulberry tree leaves, olive leaves, beach rose/vitamin C

Product type:Beverage product  Calories:0 kcal / 100 ml, 0 kcal/100 g

Product name Sokenbicha
Allergens None
Nutrition facts
Per 100 ml/100 g
Calories 0kcal
Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
Table salt equivalent 0.02g
Caffeine 0mg